What You Can Expect From Your Psychological Evaluation

Dr. ClementiMany public safety applicants undergo a psychological evaluation. Your evaluation will also include many questions to assist the department in understanding your background.

When you arrive at Dr. Clementi's office, you will be required to complete various forms and statements indicating that you understand that this evaluation is a pre-employment psychological assessment, and all information obtained will be forwarded to the department. During Dr. Clementi's interview you will be asked questions about your educational background, family history, marital status and many other areas that will assist in understanding your past and current situation. Feel free to bring a resume so that you may refer to specific dates in your history.

You will be required to complete several written psychological inventories which will take three to five hours to complete (depending on your reading time, the amount of time you spend considering each item, etc.). You are welcome to bring a snack to eat during the testing process.

You should expect your interview with Dr. Clementi, and the written portion of your testing to take from three to six hours. Your psychological testing will be evaluated by a sophisticated computerized scoring system. Your responses will be objectively compared with thousands of individuals in the general population as well as other law enforcement applicants.

After your evaluation is complete, Dr. Clementi will send a written report to the administration within three working days, outlining his findings. After a hiring decision is made, the psychological report is shredded and kept secure on computer disc in a locked file cabinet.